If its on TV I will write about it || If its on TV they already doing it

Skiptvads.blog is a personal, informal opinion site that I use to push content about something I like very much and that is watching TV Series, besides I like blogging, here I give my personal opinion on this series just keep in mind I’m a regular viewer who does this as a hobby, I’m no professional or license writer, I’m just trying to have some fun and write some posts, some times I would post about other things like sports UFC, Formula 1, Futbol and a movie from time to time but I’m not that into movies anymore as its hard to find good movies every month and I like more how TV series now days with their long 45+ minutes episodes keep the magic alive for longer also there are more and more TV Series to watch every day from all this streaming platforms, it all started with my blog page at Hive.io and then decided to create the Skiptvads.blog site where I can present the same or additional content in a more personal way.