Civil War (2024) – TRAILER OPINION

Civil War (2024) - TRAILER OPINION -



After a tormeting 2023 movie season, Barbie, Oppenheimer, Quantum Mania, bunch of deceptions 2024 is full of hopes and I would love to have more action movies, comes in Civil War (2024), what looks to be a very promising movie not only because of the action side but because of all the drama that will carry since its view from the perspective of those out of the army, reporters, family, something that at the end not only will entertain your eyes but also put some reflection into your mind.
Civil War a science fiction movie directed by Alex Garland with a great cast including Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura, who doesn’t like this guy after Narcos or if we go back Tropa de Elite 1 and 2. Setup, the United States is going through a rapidly spreading civil war that has taken over the entire nation, a team of journalists attempts to infiltrate a heavily fortified capital.

Release Date: April, 26,2024
Platform: Movies Only
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“Civil War” shows us a fractured United States, a nation divided by ideological differences between sides, on the edge of collapse due to all of political and social problems that hammers hard the country. Part of the movie follow a family’s journey through the divided country trying to escape the dangers that come with this war that many didn’t ask for or support but they are in the eye of the storm, making their story a moving drama bringing probably in the perspective of what happens within the enemy lines, how people survive this hard moments.



From what I have seen on the trailer it doesn’t give that many details of why all started and who are part of each side, meaning the states, but I did notice a flag with two stars only, searching online also found information that says that there are two sides led by Texas and California, the Western Forces separate, creating their own republics and using sophisticated weapons, while the United States Loyalists, including Oregon, Washington and others, remain in alliance with the federal government.

I did mention that the story is covered by journalists in this case one of them is Kirsten Dunst who plays the role a reporter and Wagner Moura head of a rebellion, cover attacks to Wahshington D.C, the movie also involve hackers who in the middle of the conflict will take sides, this is a modern Civil War so it was expected for hackers to play a big role same as online media, on the trailer we see a lot of shooting, tanks, soldiers with a very familiar faces like Jesse Plemons who plays captain John Miller who is still loyal to the President and his target is to control the rebellion but it doesn’t end there, Miller is Kirsten ex-husband so figure out the drama, probably she demanding more info from him to cover up the story.

This movie will probably serve as a message, for those involve into conflicts most likely wont pay attention to it but to the global community of movie fans, send a message of reflection for everything that had happen in the past five years, there are high expectations for the movie to work out.


Civil War most likely will have a few side stories happening at the same time, the cast is just awesome including talents such as Stephen McKinley Henderson, Cailee Spaeny, Jesse Plemons and Nick Offerman, each bringing to life supporting characters that fill out this side stories.


It is a theme that very few times is brought to the screen involving the country itself, most of the time this theme war movies are more like a fantasy, similar movies: Children of Men, The Hunger Games, The Purge. If we think about it they all represent how broken the society is in their own way to the point to promote chaos as the solution but this time the film bring this into a more “real” stage. - tv series dividerCivil War (2024) - TRAILER OPINION - CONCLUSION -

I really have to say that after the first trailer I personally have a lot of expectations for this movie, although I’m more of a TV Series guy I rarely put so much interest in a movie, there will probably be two more trailers with more scenes before the movie release in April, currently schedule for April 26. There are many questions that I have like for example when and why all this started? does the President die? other countries come in? could there be a second part to then movie into a World Wide event? I just can’t stop my brain from imagening what else is into this conflict. - tv series divider

Civil War (2024) - TRAILER -

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