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Dead Ringers - Season 1 - Episode 4 - RECAP INTRODUCTION -

Beverly finally gets pregnant but seems is not good news for everyone, not for Elliot and in a way not even for Genevieve since this news will be the catapult for an entire evening of madness.

On episode four a few theories I had are now proven and openly said by the characters, there was this half lie Beverly said to Genevieve that had a sword hanging over her head, Genevieve once ask her “I have only slept with you rigth?” Beverly said yes but never told her how they actually got together and Elliot finally said it, she is in love with her sister, this is something was assumed but so far she haven’t said it, Beverly been pregnant is them having a baby not just helping her sister to have a baby, Elliot has always been in love with her sister probably since they were Childs and never separated.

I really enjoy this episode format to change a bit, it felt like every day was a sketch, dark humor if I have to describe it to the point they hurt each other but still keep living together, they even do the same thing with their parents, at the end of the episode even their mother told Beverly how bad of a mom she was and that she will be bad at been a mom too, without any remorse just stone cold drop it on her. - tv series divider
Dead Ringers - Season 1 - Episode 4 - RECAP EPISODE DETAILS -


The episode opens up with the twins spending a week with their parents, they have come to visit and seem to be amaze about what the girls have accomplish, at least that’s the concept, if you mute the episode and play this scene that’s what you might think but it felt different either like they disagree on what they doing or even felt its all wrong but they still want to support the girls at least their father wanted them to feel this way. Their parents refuse to get a tour, see the babies and even her mother asks a particular question “what happens to the mothers when they go home?” this clearly tells me they don’t necessarily agree with what the girls doing on the birth center, it would be worst if they knew about Elliot experiments.

The twins parents on this episode for me was just to fill in space, I don’t think they will be relevant for the rest of the story once they go back home, besides the twins are not close to them and that probably has to be with the fact that their mom was not a great mother, latter on the episode she clearly explain how she was never enough for the twins and at a point abandon them with her father but he stand strong and kept them all together, probably why Elliot likes him so much.

Elliot is still living the trauma of killings someone but she never did, she probably got so much coke that night that she remain high, like something broke on her brain that night.


Elliot has been assisting church, even the Devil knows God exist so why not Elliot, she cant get over her recent trauma when she push a neighbor over the balcony but there was no body after, she went down stairs and nothing, it was like she dream it, that night she was extremely high on coke but it keeps hunting her so she goes to church to get rid of this thoughts.


Lots of things happen during this episode but its still heavy on Elliot, Beverly is just part of the crew of the ship and Elliot the captain, Beverly finally gets pregnant and will have a baby with Genevieve but at the same time it looks like Elliot finally did it too, she manage to keep an embryo alive longer than she have been able to in the past, this was suppose to be their baby Elliot and Beverly’s baby and so they would stay together at least that’s how Elliot envision it.




I had to triple stack them, Elliot dropping BOMBS on their birthday party, it was the twins birthday and her mom make cake for them at home, had a few people invited obviously there was Genevieve, Tom and why would they invite Joseph? they hate that guy. as I have been mention everything goes around Elliot and on this party she couldn’t hold it anymore, she had to vent out, most people may thing she was mean to Beverly and the rest but only Beverly knows this is normal Elliot behavior, the truth comes out that everything she does is to please Beverly, the birthing center, the baby, Genevieve and all because she is in love with her own sister. Genevieve always thought Elliot wanted to have her but in reality Elliot got her for Beverly and what she says is true because most of the time its Beverly asking Elliot to cover for her that’s when they loose or tie their hair, the only distinctive between them, Elliot explode after not only discovering Beverly was pregnant and not because of her I mean in terms of procedure plus she is planning to move out with Genevieve so she basically throw her under the bus with their parents and let the world set on fire without clearly thinking the repercussions.

If we think about it a bit Beverly has the same character as Elliot but its hidden, it only comes out when she is really pissed off like when they were asking Rebecca to invest on their project, Beverly snaps and that’s when usually Elliot keeps laughing at the situation but this rarely happens, instead Beverly use Elliot indirectly to get shit out of her bucket, things she is not comfortable with and been Elliot like she is, she doesn’t care doing this things for Beverly but mostly because she loves her, a very toxic love. - tv series divider

Dead Ringers - Season 1 - Episode 4 - RECAP CONCLUSION -

All this drama stories seem to be braking the egg shell on the forth episode, I don’t know if this is a pattern or a technique but same thing happens with A Small Light and The Patient where important events happen that changes everything for example on Dead Ringers now Beverly got pregnant, Elliot embryo at the lab is over 58 days, Genevieve knows Elliot was the one who got her for Beverly, so we are not the suspense of this things to happen anymore so what is going to be the new big thing on the series? because the birthing center is done too something they were fighting for on the first three episodes. The only thing comes to mind is that form now on they probably going to have a ton of problems at work because of their argument with Joseph, I don’t worry about their parents because I think they are irrelevant on this story, the twins like them but don’t need them and that’s the same for their parents. Beverly is going to try to get back with Genevieve but I don’t feel that adds a strong argument to the drama so for me its like part of the series just ended and we starting fresh with the twins both single again and both with baby’s although both babies are Beverly’s.

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