Obsession (2023) – Episode 4 – Personal Thoughts


Since I was already on the mood for an obsessed fatal attraction I decided to finish watching Obsession, the trailer of this mini series is such a spoiler so I knew some one was going to die and I think that’s part of the magic of this affair theme series, some one has to cry, some one has to get hurt and some one has to die, I have to say that even though the affair comes to and end in the first five minutes of the episode I was front running disappointment, I was surprised and worried that it ended so quick now what? is this some bullshit end? but no, I think the rest of the episode went really well with details of Anna, she was now the focus, it was important to know her reaction, part of her past and I was on the right path as how she operates, she does this, she ends relationships, she plays with fire all the time that’s when Peggy told her “you have done worst things before” Anna is a viper who doesn’t care for anyone and when shit hits the fan she just run away.

Other than been a drama this mini series show how dangerous is for me to be obsess with a woman, its been said that woman they usually fall in love once in a life time but men can have same feelings over and over for different woman, tend to grief less when relationships are over and become the DUMBEST CREATURE ALIFE when completely fall for a woman that at the same time can forget once the relationship is over and repeat the cycle, a large amount of men have affairs and as anything that can turn into an addiction the problem is knowing when to stop, the reason why I say this is because anyone can make a mistake usually when men are young have affairs because they lack experience on how to control themselves but with age comes wisdom, anyone who learn from past mistakes should know better.

For William, Jay his son, was not only Anna fiancé but he has turn into his competition for her, we talking that he doesn’t see Jay with the eyes of a father anymore and for a man to act that way and have no remorse of what may happen if his affair come to light, that has to be a sad, selfish monster, I can understand him ending his marriage after all but feeling that way for his own blood, his own and only son that goes way far beyond of been wrong or stupid.

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This series did very poorly in terms of reviews, I’m not sure why, yes this is an affair theme series, nothing new, nothing that has not been done before and anyone who watch it should know what to expect, production and actors are on point, its not a blockbuster or AAA series but good enough to spend some hours watching.


Direct continuation from where we left last episode, William was desperate to be with Anna again, after celebrating with his son Jay for his engagement with Anna, William is going to meet with her and Jay found strange that he said “learn to love the questions” something only Anna had said to him so Jay decided to follow his dad because he felt he was going to meet Anna, he didn’t have any proof or anything concrete that would tell him so and still follow him after pure instinct. Jay sees his father enter the building of Peggy’s apartment and he knew what was going to happen, he calls his mother trying to short talk but doesn’t tell her what’s going on, that was the last time Ingrid heard his son, before Jay got into the building he was about to cry, nervous, scared of what he was going to discover.


Jay gets to the apartment, he heard Anna moaning as he is having sex, knock on the door and decided to force his way in after no body answer to find Anna blind folded with her hands tied and William fucking he from behind, this was a huge shock for him, steps back, tries to hold from the stairs railing but slips and falls straight to the lobby stairs, it was an immediate death, Anna is shock and almost didn’t see what happen as she took off the blind fold when he slips and William ran downstairs still naked, screaming, crying, but there is nothing to do after such impact against concrete stairs, surprise surprise Anna gets dressed and runs away while William sits on the stairs, police and paramedics come in and take Jay’s body.


Up next we will start to measure how stupid is William, the man goes back home, how could you go back home after what happen, one thing is having and affair get caught and end the relationship ok fine you go back and pick up your things but in this case his son died because his father had an affair with his fiancé, come on men, you should never ever put a foot on that house again, you should consider yourself banish from their life’s, indirectly William is Jay’s murder, he needed to let Ingrid and his daughter some time for things to cool down a bit and then figure out the terms of how things will end between Ingrid and him, find out how he will keep a relationship with his daughter but this man is so blind that decided to throw everything away for Anna.


At Jay’s funeral, William father in law told him something that must has hurt him but it actually didnt, he said Jay always tried to imitated William but was not close and yet his best skill was not been like William, latter on Anna’s mother talk to William and reveal the truth about Anna, she always run away, she ruin things for others looking after her happiness only, selfish, reckless, to then just run away but William kept looking for her.


After a few days Anna is trying to get over the situation without much success, she is staying at a hotel next to the beach, chilling at the pool was having a short conversation with a couple who was also staying at the hotel, when they ask how she was doing Anna answers with the truth “my fiancé just died because I was having an affair with his father, find out about it, slip down and die” , short version, then walks away but William found her at that hotel, after some moment together at least without having sex she finally show some remorse and tell William they have done a lot of pain, he answers back that’s its already done, so basically fuck it he is dead we are alive, such a sick bastard, for me this is what officially sentence the episode but after all Anna and William are two selfish bastards, one thing is having an affair but another is having an affair with your son’s fiancé.

Now that its over and we know the outcome some may say what’s the difference of having an affair with your sons fiancé, after all she is another woman but its not that she is your sons fiancé, is that he is your son, I can really care less for Anna but for a father your sons and daughters should be irreplaceable that’s your blood, he came to this world because of you and his mother, how could you make his suffer that way, there are things in life that you just cant even think about it, just thinking about it is totally wrong, it was a shocking story, even though this is nothing new and with society now days going downhill this situations are seen more often in real life but I think this series did a good job at bringing it to the screen.

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