The Patient: Pastitsio – Episode 5 – RECAP


The Patient: Pastitsio - Episode 5 - RECAP INTRODUCTION -

Episode five proves more my theory that Sam kills people because he wants attention and is a little bitch but then when he get the attention from others don’t know what to do or react, him killing people is a reaction to his impotency to confront his father now as an adult, when he was a kid he couldn’t but now that he has enough age to do it his father is not around anymore so he just take on other people who bother him in some way turning him into a bully, I know this is not his fault but he also doesn’t do that much to take responsibility and act as a child, may be that trauma never let him grow up and inside he still feels like that child that was abused by his father but now inside the body of a grown man. Alan was making some progress with Sam since he got him to do a few things to get distracted but fall into what I think is a mistake, he initially got Sam to stay away from Elias, his victim, to distract his mind from that impulse to kill Elias but then ask Sam to bring Elias so they can have a session? that doesn’t make any sense to me, everything is so soon for it to work as Alan was expecting.

On this episode we also see Cadence, Sam’s mom, for the first time getting control of the situation but at the same time its just so lame how she would think a simple hit on the risk would stop a serial killer, she also needs therapy, both been in jail or some kind of institution away from society until they get better, but this is not 100% her fault neither as she is/could also be mentally and emotional affected by everything that happen with Sam’s father, this family is an entire mess, keep in consideration that we have no information or feedback from what exactly and why Sam’s father abuse him, I give it the benefit of the doubt since Sam and Cadence are not mentally well, you cant believe everything people say. - tv series divider
The Patient: Pastitsio - Episode 5 - RECAP EPISODE DETAILS -


Sam goes visit his ex wife Mary, she seems nice and pretty, welcome him and invite him insight to talk but she look scared when Sam told her he was taking therapy, may be she thought “finally” or probably he had taken therapy in the past and didnt work, my point is that she doesnt seem too sure to be next to him but still got him inside and try to talk to Sam, he look nervous and the total opposite of what he told Alan he was with Mary, he came up with any topic and stay quiet most of the time, it was Mary who kept trying to be open to him, there were a few moments I thought we was going to openly tell her why he is in therapy and even that he has a guy kidnap, something crazy but it didnt happen, that would turn up this episode so much. I think Sam lie to Alan about Mary or may be things have change so much for him that he is not the same around her.


Back at Sam’s home where Elias and Alan remain prisoners, Elias is trying to get Alan to team up with him and knock out Sam, he offer Alan to bring him into the therapy session and then he would throw himself at Sam so Alan can beat him but the answer to that is obvious and I already know it, Alan wont do it, he wont risk it because he knows Sam is stronger, if something goes bad its Elias fault since he is the one that came up with the idea but he feels there is no hope for him.

Alan and Elias had this moment where he ask Elias to bring a message to his family in case he dies but I think that was just give some hope to Elias saying he is the one that is going to escape the situation alive.


After Sam gets back from Mary’s place he start talking with Alan and tells him how it didn’t work, talking to Mary didn’t make him think different about Elias but I know that was not Alan point, he wanted to show Sam how he can stay away from Elias and eventually forget about him for some time but Sam wants results for yesterday like its as simple as taking a pill. Sam got angry and was going to kill Elias but Sam calls Cadence and all it took was two claps and a “Get back here” for Sam to stop, WTF why no body gave Alan the Sam manual where it says the instructions, Sam definitely still has this child complex and proof is that his mom still can send him to his room and ground him.

This episode is also proof that been on the edge every five minutes that Sam is going to kill Elias is what keeps this exciting but at some point its getting old so the writer needs to make a decision quick to keep viewers interested and its a very obvious one.


After his mother told him to go to sleep and send him to his room, after some time Sam comes back down to talk with Alan, he had this object on his hand that I thought it was a key, may be a key to free Alan but it look like he didn’t notice because if he did he would be interested and ask Sam to free him up, instead he start explaining Sam none of this is his fault and its a reaction to all those bad memories with his father and how he is taking it with the rest of the world, how none of this people are trying to harm him but he feels this way as an excuse to explode angry at them when he is really angry at his father.

I don’t know if Alan for real try to make Sam understand this by himself and brought Elias into the session or he was going with Elia’s plan to take down Sam.


Alan is suppose to be a well known therapist with lots of experience but I think the situation and pressure is making him take wrong decisions, Sam told him that bringing Elias to the session wouldn’t work, it only make things worst for him, you have a dog barking at you none stop every time you get close to the gate and he just got his chain loose what do you expect if you get inside the yard. Sam makes Alan bring Elias in and all it took was Elias to start crying and stuttering because he couldn’t manage the pressure of been blind by duct tape in front of a guy who wants to kill him, Sam jumps Elias and choke him to death, that’s how we got to the cover picture of this post. - tv series divider

The Patient: Pastitsio - Episode 5 - CONCLUSION -

After this episode I think Sam needs guidance but with an iron fist, he needs someone who can control him and tell him what to do, he also needs to stay away probably lock down in a facility where he can rehabilitate and get over this trauma, keep getting therapy with his mother too but it would depend if they both want it because both of the are acting very irresponsible even his mother knowing his son is a murder, as for Alan he is not handling well the pressure even if he appears to be but the truth is that he is starting to take desperate decisions and that’s why Elias is dead but cant blame him, going through all that he cant stop thinking about his family and the possibility that he wont see them again, most of the episodes are worth watching packed with intensity, stress, keeping me thinking is he going to kill him? is it now? is Alan next? but now we get to the point that Sam finally killed someone and in front of Alan so will this become a regular thing for them? - tv series divider

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