State of Consciousness (2022) – Inception & Matrix influence, blend?


Stephen’s is a man that live a normal and happy life with his girlfriend Alicia, one day he was accused of murder and entered into a mental facility where he was exposed to an experimental treatment lead by Dr. Fielder. Since that moment Stephen’s began to live a nightmare starting with the information that he can’t remember 18 months of his life, information that was delivered by Dr. Fielder to him and leave him shock and with a bunch of question with no answer, after that shocking new he was sent to his housed and received by his girlfriend Alicia that received him with love and also informing him that he must take a medicine every day, an additional news that Stephens just can comprehend that start to follows until his life collapse by the strange dreams he has making him confuse trying to confirm if what he is dreaming are really just dreams or the memories of those 18 months that he lost. Stephens is determined to find the answer and the truth of what happen in that place, the truth of how affected is his brain and the truth about his identity. This movie is full of intrigue and a disturbing idea that will dig in our minds, the idea that we can loose a long part of our life and try to live it as something that just happen or try to form the puzzle that has our minds to live in peace.

Director Marcus Stokes is the responsible to brings to the big screen State of Consciousness with Emile Hirsch in the main role, is a movie that will keep the audience engage to know the truth about what kind of experiment was the one that Stephen experienced and why him. These types of movies have a lot of audience because is a way to put our minds to work to get the answer previous the ending of the movie.

– Platform: Theaters
– Release: March 15, 2024


Director: Marcus Stokes

Marcus Stokes is an American director that started his career working as a visual effects artist at George Lucas Industrial Light and Magic after that he began working in different TV Series such as American Horror Stories 2022, The Walking Dead 2022, Criminal Minds 2017, Quantum Leap 2022 and The Flash 2019. Stokes continue working in more series but on 2005 he directed his first short film The Catalyst that was acquired by HBO known in the present as MAX, is a story about a man with a paranormal love seeking help with a stranger for save the life of his fiance, Stokes also worked in major films such as Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace and I, Robot. Stokes is the founder and president of The Working Director a Santa Monica based company specializing in the training aspiring professional directors. State of Consciousness is the director debut in the big screen of director Marcus Stokes. In the trailer we can see a little hint of inspiration for this movie that seems to be related to Matrix, probably the director wants to give a new world not so similar but with the essence of it.


Doubts on the cast, but still good enough?

Emile Hirsch plays the role of Stephen, a man that that was to participate in a clinical trial with an experimental drug, Hirsh is an American actor that start his carrier in the late 1990’s in the TV Series Wild Iris, his first cinematic debut was in the movie The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002, other notable roles include The Girl Next Door 2004, Lords of Dogtown 2005, Milk 2008 and Speed Racer 2008, also he play the role of Chris McCandless in Into The Wild 2007 earning acclaim and multiple nominations. Tatjana Nardone take the role of Alicia, she is an Irish Italian actress and is best known for her work on TV series Medici Masters of Florence, Loro 2 by Paolo Sorrentino and portraying Ladwyss in the TV adaptation of Bernard Cornwell novel The Winter King. Gaia Scodellaro as Monique, she is an Italian actress that debut in Berlin with a Burlesque entitled Ambrosia and work in the Italian television in various roles, her major international production was The Equalizer 3 in which she plays the role of Aminah.


The twisted story of State of Consciousness

Stephen’s is a man that was accused of a mysterious murder and internee in a mental facility where he passed through an experimental treatment and all this supposedly to avoid putting him in jail. Stephen wake up and was informed that passed 18 months and he was shock about that information wondering what happen in his life during that time and more because he can’t remember anything. After the disturbing news he returned to his home with his girlfriend Alicia, she treat him as usual only indicating that he must take a pill every day, a pill he doesn’t know what is for but is the doctor recommendation and must follow it, at home Stephen’s try to recover his memories but he can’t and start something odd in his life, begins to has dreams that he is not sure if in fact are only dreams or events that he lived but can’t remember. Stephens will embark in a journey to reclaim his identity and memories, confronting his darkest corners of his own mind, where everything mix, trying to finally unveil what is real or not.

Behind the Scenes

State of Interest is a movie that filming and production navigated without obstacles. The movie was premiered at a festival in Italy in 2022 and is now is expected to be released in theaters on March 15th. A psychological thriller that promises to linger in the minds of the audience, forcing the audience to engage with the story and try to get the answer about what is really happening with the Stephens a man that is struggling to know the truth. Also invite the audience to enjoy the references about Matrix that can be seen since the trailer released.


Anticipation and Expectations

The story that is giving the director Marcus Stokes is a topic that many people enjoy, topic about the human psyche, a disturbing mind and lies. The trailer is giving information that the movie will be filled with mystery, suspense, psychological intrigue and something really interesting maybe a futuristic touch. The director invite the audience to explore and enjoy a journey of danger, revelations and plot twist all of this until the audience confirm what is true or illusions. Also can be mention the performance that Emile Hirsch is going to deliver on the movie that seems to be perfection as previous performances of this great actor. Something really unexpected but interesting is the reference about Matrix that make us believe that maybe director and screenwriters were huge influenced by the amazing world of Matrix.

From a world were everything is uncertainty State of Consciousness is coming with a story about a man that needs to find 18 months of his life that are just missing, a story where the main character can’t trust no one and where is life is plagued of lies, he is force to fight to recover his memories and live a normal life. Also the audience will see a reference about Matrix with the scene on the trailer where Stephens is hooked to a cable that connects to the back of his head giving that touch in the audience of think that what is watching is something that Stephens is really living or is just hallucination. This movie is perfect for audience that those movies were the mind must work to joined all the pieces of the puzzled and get the answer of the story but is also a good topic for that audience that wants to see something new in the cinematic industry.

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Love Lies Bleeding (2024): Bloody Love & Obsession


The story is set in 1989 in a town of New Mexico forget by God, in the only gym of the town we can found Lou, the gym manager passing the day as many others but one day a special customer arrived, it was Jackie a bodybuilder that is on the way to Las Vegas for a competition but decided to spend a couple of days in the town to train before starting her journey again. Since the moment they met Lou and Jackie like each other, start knowing each other and elevate her relationship as a couple, to woman a abandon town living a passionate adventure but everything changed when Lou father called to do a job, she didn’t want to be part of that live anymore but her father force her to do so she has no other choice than follow orders, meanwhile Jackie decided to go the shooting range that the owner was casually Lou’s father, for Jackie was just another activity while she was in town but without knowing that Lou’s father was known as the crime lord of the town, arms dealer and a very dangerous man. Lou’s tried to keep that secret until the point that was impossible to keep the secret and the couple started to pass trough critics moments just to save their love. This story is about a father that wants more power and rule overall, a daughter that just want to be free from that life of crime and love immensely and about a bodybuilder that only wants to win her competition but in the road she get entangled into difficult events but facing them. Lou’s and Jackie are going to travel in torment, fighting against everyone and everything just to reach their goals and keep together.

Love Lies Bleeding will premieres in March 8th, viewers will see many images of fights, chases, blood, and scandal and the audience will discover what crimes those Lou’s commit, what kind of crimes those Lou’s family is involved and how the relationship of Lou’s and Jackie survive through all those criminal events that they will live together.

– Platform: Theater
– Release: March 8, 2024


Director Rose Glass: A Rising Talent

Rose Glass is a British director and screenwriter she made her debut with the psychological horror movie Saint Maud in 2019 the movie received two nomination in the Baftar Award and also she received the award for Best Debut Director with that movie. Glass is a raising director who has achieved recognition and good critics for her previous work with the horror movie Saunt Maud and now is bringing a total different vision with her new story Love Lies Bleeding trying to demonstrate that is a director that can work at any field and give a great result.


Different Cast with acclaimed performances

Kristen Stewart is Lou the gym manager, Stewart is an actress that is known for her role as Bella in the successful Twilight saga 2008 and also performed Diana Princes of Wales in the movie Spencer 2021 the same for which she received an Oscar nomination as Best Actress, she has a long list of performances in independents movies as well converting her in a multifaceted actress. Katy O’Brian is Jackie, with this role she is performing her first leading role, O’Brian is also a writer and martial artist and is most known for the role as Jentorra in the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 2023 and for her role of Elia Kane in the famous TV Series The Mandalorian. Jena Malone is Daysi, Malone is an actress, musician and photographer she is known for her performance in the movie Sucker Punch 2011 as Rocker and for portrayed Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games franchise. Dave Franco take the role of JJ, Franco debuted in the drama TV Series 7th Heaven but he established his carrier with roles in movies such as 21 Jump Street 2012, Charlie St. Cloud 2010, Now You See Me 2013 and Nerve 2016. Ed Harris is Lou’s father, in all this cast Harris in the most experienced actor with more than 40 years in the industry he has gained many recognitions, acclaimed and applause from the critics in many of his roles that had also gave him an Oscar nominations, some of his works are Apollo 13 (1995), The Truman Show 1998 and The Rock 1996 just for mention some of it.


Working Out The Story

The story of Lou in set in New Mexico she being a gym manager who one date mate Jackie, a bodybuilder that was just passing through because her idea was to go to Las Vegas for a contest but the destiny decided that this to protagonist entangled in an adventure of love, obsession, desire, betrayal and crimes thought that path they are going to face situations really difficult and as ironic it is one of those path is against Lou’s father. Lou and Jackie are going to fight for her love and life and director Glass is going to guide the audience through an intense story keeping them engaged to confirmed if the couple will reach their goal.

Director Rose Glass is giving to the audience a story that is different but that is remarking situations that many people live as love as first sight, a problematic family, the search of happiness but also brings the dark side of society, the need of more power, the need of rule overall and the crimes that can occur in a a forgotten town. Love Lies Bleeding is a story that will give and show all those feeling that a person can have happiness, fear, lost, love, revenge and courage, Lou’s must face her most biggest fear that is her evil father just to gain her freedom from a family that only brings her harm and also fight for the love of her life. Jackie wants to win and she will do anything to reach her goal but also is going to accept and fight for Lou. This movie is something that audience will love or heat but to confirm we must wait to the premiere and judge.

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