Road House (2024): Crash & Burn Remake?



Everything start with Dalton a UFC fighter that is going into disgrace until one night a woman approach him and made a offer to work for her in a bar called Road House at the beginning he wasn’t interested but seeing his condition he accepted and traveled to Florida to start his new job. Immediately at his arrived the owner of the bar informed him that he was hired because the bar was a place full of troublesome customers and constant fights and he will be responsible to ending it, when a fight start Dante shows his abilities showing the customers that he is not a person to play with but unfortunately in this job Dante also gained a lot of enemies, criminals that want to take control of the bar and will make Dante to face a lot of odd moments, full of action and on the edge of his tolerance. The movie bring is going to show violence, action sequences, fighting and explosions. Road House is a remake of the movie with the same of 1989 starring by Patrick Swayze and will analyze to confirm if will be as good as the original.

– Platform: Prime Video
– Release: March 21, 2024


Director Doug Liman: A Versatile Filmmaker

The recognition of Doug Liman’s began en 1996 when he directed his first major success the movie Swingers it was about Jon Favreau life, the film was writing and perform by the same Favreau and the critics were positives and more acknowledging that Swingers only cost $250,000, after that success the director just continue creating greatest blockbusters such as The Bourne Identity (2002), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005), The Edge of Tomorrow (2014) and American Made (2017). Liman’s now is bringing another action movie Road House that is a remake of the original Road House of 1989 starring by the unforgettable Patrick Swayze, hoping to become another cult film for the new generation like 1989’s Road House.

A Dynamic Group For A Cast

The protagonist of Road House is Jake Gyllenhaal portraying Dalton, Gyllenhaal is an actor that reach his pick with the romantic drama Brokeback Mountain (2005) for which he won a Bafta Award and was also nominated for an Academy Award, this actor takes every role he accepts to play very seriously giving a great performance every time. As a debut is the appearance of Conor McGregor, a famous UFC champion and is taking the role of Knox, the fighter had never participated in any production, making Road House his door to this new life as an actor. J.D. Pardo is more known for performed Nahuel in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Ezequiel Reyes in the TV Series Mayans M.C. Arturo Castro is Moe, he better known for his role in the TV Series Broad City and Narcos, Castro is a Guatemalan actor that has created his path in Hollywood. Billy Magnussen is Ben Brandt, Magnusen has work in different productions such as Into the Woods 2014, Game Night 201, Aladdin 2019 and No Time to Die 2021.


A Story of Redemption and Action

Dalton is a former UFC fighter but that now is trying to find himself when an opportunity came for him to work in a bar in Florida Keys but it won’t be easy because during that new life in the bar he will face and discover a web of deceit and dangerous trying to consume him, he is going to fight until he discovers the truth and can have a better life. This movie is coming with a lot of action, fighting, the appearance of UFC fighter Greg McGregor and big responsibility to give to the audience great performances. It is a story that want to tell how a person want to redeem his actions and start a good life.


My Honest Opinion

I wasn’t aware about the movie Road House of 1989 starring by Patrick Swayze and now is coming a new version with the same name, as we now not all the remakes are good but is not bad to brings old movie to the present trying to gained a new base of fans, Road House 1989 has become a movie of cult and for that reason the new version probably will be judge hardly comparing the action and the performances of every actor, maybe will watch both movies to compare individually each one of theme because the premise is different talking about the main character in this new version that is UFC fighter but also to confirm if this remake will make justice and give more glory to its predecessor.

Road House 2024 is a movie that will give to the audience a lot of action, explosions and fights to enjoy if that is the genre of your preference but also is going to be judge hardly for be the remake of Road House 1989 a movie that has become a movie of cult with a group of fans that love every part of the original starting with the performance of Patrick Swayze, every detail will be seen just to verify that this new version does justice to its predecessor but the new version has different premise is about UFC fighter that try to find his place and at the same time brings the essence of the bar with the problematic customers. This new Road House could be great or a huge disaster. Let’s wait to see it and confirm what it will become.

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