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Episode 6 of The Patient shows Alan desperation, after everything he has gone through he still willing to change Sam and I say change because I don’t think he wants to help him, Sam needs more than therapy probably even medication all Sam wants is to go home so he is willing to do what ever it takes to get out of that room if that means change or trick Sam’s thoughts, some how he needs to find a way to make Sam think he is cured, sounds ridiculous but that’s all he needs, he doesn’t even need to actually cure Sam all he needs is for Sam to believe it.

Elias is dead, Sam killed him right in front of Sam and that’s perturbating him, both killing and watch some one die for the first time must be a high impact experience, worst part in this case for Alan is that he is the one trying to prevent it, trying to control Sam madness and in some way he failed, not because it was his responsibility but because he is the one trying to make Sam stop, he has been force into this situation, I wont say he has lost the war but did lost that battle forcing him to the extreme of going into his own reality. Its not strange for therapist to go to therapy, they are humans too and some use it as a way to expand their point of view and knowledge, the part that is a bit disturbing for Sam is that he is talking to his dead therapist in his mind trying to find ways to convivence Sam he is cured, Alan is talking to himself at the end of the day.

It has taken me a few weeks not say months to finish this mini series, with so many things that went out in the past two months this is not a priority for me but still have four episodes to watch, I really like Steve performance so far, everything around him is vague and seen him been the star of the show that so far only has three main characters plus he is out of his usual comedy character its amazing how good this mini series is so far considering all this things. - tv series divider



This is Charlie, unfortunately for Alan he is dead, he was Alan therapist but he is not the one talking to Alan at the moment, under extreme circumstances of pressure like the one Alan is experiencing at the moment with this situation that he is the prisoner of a serial killer who just killed some one in front of him its normal for a human to isolate into his own world, at least Alan is still conscious of the situation, the reflection of Charlie seems to have a more raw and open mind than Alan himself, during their conversation he basically said man up and get out of this situation alive, for Alan is not that hard since he explain Sam has the control of the environment and Alan holds no power over him but there seems to be some some level of empathy within Sam and that’s something Alan will have to exploit, make it grow.


I remember seen on Mind Hunters, a Netflix Series, that serial killers do study Cops TV shows to not get caught, this is something Sam mention in the past, thats the reason why he have decided to burry Elias in his basement, he also had Alan help to dig the hole, this is the first time he brought one of his victims home and knows there is a chance if he throws Elias body on a street or alley, anywhere out side of his home, police can track him down, some how.



Between this period of isolation, Alan paints the perfect picture of how he feels every time Sam calls him, he feels as a prisoner sentence to death without any chance to escape, I think on the next to episodes we will finally see Alan taking a shot at Sam, since the first episodes he had this fantasy of hitting Sam in his head with a vase but he feels he is too old and weak to fight Sam, at some point desperation will be so big that he will loose his cool and attack Sam, something that actually Charlie suggested.

Charlie suggested to basically throw Sam’s mother under the bus after Sam said he have tried everything he can to divert Sam from feeling angry, kill people and live in the past where he was abuse by his father, may be letting Sam know his mother had to do with his father abusing him because she did nothing about it or not enough would divide in half all this feelings and may be he could think it was not all his father fault, that could go both ways too, calm him down a bit or infuriate him more because both his parents abuse him? I don’t think Sam is going to forgive his father yet, that’s Alan second chance to make Sam forgive his father that would make him stop killing people.



Alan keeps working on Sam’s empathy, one of the very few cards he has left, he knows there is some so he exploit it, he makes Sam believe that by throwing the body on a place that can be found will make he grow as a person, for letting Elias family to find the body and relief them from the suspense if he is alive or not, sounds stupid and only some one who has no conscience would think “I kill him but at least I let their family find his body” , some one with Sam’s mental health problem would think that way, there is no guilt within him. Alan came up with this idea to stick a note on Elias dead body so when they do the autopsy can find this not, hopefully is not too late. The note mentions Sam although not sure what are the next two words, then mention Alan son and daughter saying he loves them, Alan doesn’t know Sam address but at least should have put his last name something like “Sam Fortner kill him” and then his last name too “Alan Strauss please help kidnap” that why the police will start looking for Sam and find Alan. - tv series divider


Alan is starting to loose it, soon he will be in survivor mode beyond fear, there is nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing too loose, right now he is in a process where he is starting to hallucinate based on the situation, he is starting to talk to his dead therapist, in this case his subcontinent that is telling him to go all in, take Sam by surprise and beat him up but in reality he don’t see himself having the courage to do so, this is something every human goes through when feeling start to accumulate until the pressure makes you blow up, this is Alan at the moment, when he comes back to earth he keeps trying to manipulate Sam to his advantage but his efforts to escape are still very vague, there will be confrontation soon, for a mini series with short screen time it is exciting and the short amount of film makes you want to see more, I have enjoy it so far but if you probably sit down and watch it in five or six hours wont be the same experience.


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