On 2024 Marvel better come up with something good to re vindicate, this new miniseries called “ECHO” will premiere on Disney+ and Hulu on January 9, and it is causing some what “sensation”, if they are any good, fans are in luck because the studio plans launch several television series, where we will see action, drama and also a lot of violence, I hope so. This miniseries shows us Kingpin and a Daredevil rivalry once again since ECHO actually show up from from Hawkeye and focuses on the character Echo from the Marvel comics. She’s a deaf Native American with an incredible gift, she can copy any move or skill she sees. As always this is my opinion from a regular viewer perspective not from a comic or Marvel expert.

Release Date: January,9,2024
Platforms: Huly, Disney+
IMDB: - tv series divider


Alaqua Cox plays Echo an actress I haven’t seen much before, went through her IMDB page and found nothing than Hawkeye and ECHO probably I didn’t look enough on top I’m not a Hawk eye fan so this is my first time, on the other side we have to well known actors Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk playing Kingpin and Charlie Cox known for his role as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, well known duo, blast from the past.


I’m the type of viewer that don’t like to spoil things before hand but I got to say I know nothing about the ECHO story just few details that she can basically mimic or learn powers just by watching them? interesting Skrull type?. There is not much that the trailer explains about her story but seems she had a rough time at New York and now is coming back home to Oklahoma trying to embrace her roots and grip some of that power, find a place for herself between her community, I wonder if that’s where her powers comes from if its some kind of powers she inherited from her ancestors?.

After a rough 2023 for Marvels, Disney put their hopes on producers Marion Dayre and Sydney Freeland for this miniseries, from interviews I found online seems like they are looking for that fresh start, a fresh vision focusing on the theme, identity, culture, but I hope they don’t go the woke path trying to propagate “messages”. ECHO begins phase five of the MCU called Marvel Spotlight.

Launching this mini series or any other production on 2023 was not an easy task at all with the Hollywood Strike full force for the most part of the year, the uncertainty of writers, actors, studios it was a mess. Both Disney and producer Marion Dayre had obstacles along the way too keeping the mini series delayed, it was originally planned to be released in the summer of 2023 and then date moved to January, 9,2024, I have seen some trailers and websites saying its the 10th although IMDB says its the 9th. Dayre commented on a podcast “The Writers Panel” how she became the head writer and how hard it was to deal with all the delays and Marvel itself, sounds like Marvel is the Diva type IMO.


To me Alaqua Cox brings authenticity to her role since she have quite the similarities to the ECHO character been both deaf and use a prosthetic leg so this is no joke, me myself I’m deaf on my right ear btw so can only imagine what is to be fully deaf, think about it a deaf super women and a blind agile no fucks given Dare Devil, she have not publicly reveal how she lost her leg, quite interesting she still keep it a secret but that is great in my opinion, everyone has the right for personal life no matter how famous you are.


ECHO went through so many changes during 2023 and one of the was Daredevil, at first it was so fucking weird and different from, IMO; its best version that’s the Netflix version, both now played by Charlie Cox but still quite different from the exterior, there is public reason why? is this a better improve version of Daredevil?. On Netflix version he was younger, probably a less polished version but it does intrigue me how close their stories are and which is the one closer to the comic or is this kind of situation where the same character can have different versions? I will give it a watch to Netflix version in the coming days just to have a familiar image before watching ECHO, probably even watch Hawkeye for some background.

The trailer looks cool and as most Marvel productions it promises a lot of action, there is some excitement behind it and I hope it is one of those side small stories that kick ass and not many knew about, as mention there is also this Daredevil “new version” and obviously cant leave behind Kingpin, big bad ass gangster. - tv series divider


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